Stress and Kids

by lindaransonjacobs

Next week I’ll be presenting the workshop, “How to Combat the Stressed-Out Child and Reduce Behavior Problems”. This is geared for church leaders and I’ll be presenting it at the Children’s Pastor’s Conference or better known as CPC 13.

In this workshop we will be learning that many out of control children’s behaviors are the result of living in a stress-filled environment. I will be presenting ways to help the child de-stress. Also presented will be teaching tools to help with discipline problems in church groups and classes.

This is an exciting workshop for me to present because I have worked with children like this for years. I know what is successful because I’ve used these techniques and tips for years. I have adult kids today contact me via Facebook and share their lives with me. I am always glad to hear how they are doing and how they are being successful when many of these were kicked out of school at one time. Some of their parents were asked not to bring their children back to their church. I never want that to happen to another child, parent or even a church for that matter.

To this day I shudder when I hear about a child who is asked to leave a class at church.

In my workshop I’ll be telling some stories about real kids. We’ll be talking about some of the stressors kids have in their lives today. I’ll be presenting some brain research also to show leaders what is happening in the brains of some of these stressed-out kids.

I wish I had all day to do this presentation. 🙂

After next week maybe I’ll share some of the tips from the workshop. Anyone interested in that?