Author, Speaker, Trainer, on challenging behavior children, single parents and those working with divorcing families. Developed and maintain, Healthy Loving Partnerships web site (www.hlp4.com) where articles and devotions can be found for free.

For years I ran a child care program in Oklahoma. When I went through a divorce myself I realized the many children in my child care  who had challenging behaviors came from divorced homes. We now know that divorce drastically affects children’s behavior for years. I also learned that many kids had been diagnosed with a disorder were kids who were just trying to survive the best they knew how.

In 2000 our child care was chosen be part of a national research project, “The Models of Inclusion” headed by Dr. Brennan and Portland State University. In 2002 I was invited to develop and write DC4K, DivorceCare for Kids. I sold my child care and moved to North Carolina to produce DC4K. DC4K is now worldwide with thousands of children being helped by local churches using DC4K. (www.dc4k.org)

I continue to research, observe and work with children so I can write relevant articles and blogs to help single parents and those working with children from single parent homes.